Berrien Springs Public Schools
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Berrien Springs Public Schools

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) provides classroom & instructional space for the choir, band, drama & musical programs, and possibly technology-related programming such as robotics and computer science. In addition, the facility provides auditorium style seating, storage areas and performing areas for the school district’s Fine Arts programs.

The Indoor Athletic Complex (IAC) provides auxiliary gym and practice space for up to three (3) indoor athletic teams at one time, additional team locker rooms for male and female athletics, a new fitness and weight room, and wrestling and competitive cheer practice space. The IAC is strategically located between the Tennis Complex, Sylvester Outdoor Athletic Center and Baseball/Softball complexes to allow all athletes to benefit from the Fitness and Weight Room.

Client: Berrien Springs Public Schools
Address: 201 Sylvester Ave, Berrien Springs MI 49103
New/Addition Size (sq. ft.): 77,930
Project Role: Construction Manager
Project Cost (MM): 22.8
Date Completed: 04/15/22
Beckering Construction