Talk to our past clients and you will find out why they keep coming back to us with new projects and why we should be your choice for quality building construction. We are happy to provide you with a complete list of our most recent clients.

Allendale Public Schools

"Allendale Publis School District has used Beckering Construction as its construction manager for four different bond construction projects over the last 15 years. In each case, Beckering’s attention to detail and quality construction has been exemplary. Beckering Construction has consistently demonstrated their ability to get the job done on time and within budget constraints, providing us with well-constructed and functional buildings."

~ Allendale Public Schools

Bellaire Public Schools

"Bellaire Public Schools recently had a total renovation and new construction project completed by Beckering Construction and as the Superintendent I wanted to communicate how pleased I am that we chose them to do the work. Our community can’t stop talking about what a beautiful facility we now have thanks to Beckering Construction."

~ Bellaire Public Schools

Grand Rapids Community College

"For 15 years, Beckering Construction has provided both Construction Management and General Contractor services to Grand Rapids Community College. In that time, Beckering Construction has brought numerous projects to successful completion, including the renovation of a 20,000 square foot Math department renovation; a 6,000 sf renovation of our Enrollment Center; and a 7,000 sf renovation to our Academic Counseling Center and adjacent Student Lounge, among other projects. In each instance, projects were completed within 14 weeks, during our summer break, when there is no option but to be ready for fall semester."

~ Grand Rapids Community College

Lakewood Public Schools

"Lakewood Public Schools is completing a two-year process of remodeling our schools. I would recommend that you choose Beckering Construction to act as your construction manager for your project. They did a great job with the remodel and new additions for Lakewood High School."

~ Lakewood Public Schools

Ravenna Public Schools

"I have worked with Beckering since December of 2008 and have had a very positive experience. They have treated this district well and have done an exemplary job overseeing the overall project. The most impressive part of our project has been the amount of cooperation between the sub-contractors. This is my fourth building project in an educational setting, and I have never seen such collaboration between the Construction Manager and the sub-contractors on site."

~ Ravenna Public Schools

St. Joseph Public Schools

"Beckering Construction worked for St. Joseph Public Schools during the summer of 2010. They also worked for us about 10 years ago during construction of elementary media centers. Beckering has been able to maintain the schedule through the summer and we are excited to open our new science labs, both remodeled and additions. I would recommend Beckering Construction as a candidate for any position that she might apply for."

~ St. Joseph Public Schools