Allendale Public Schools


10760 68th Ave. Allendale, MI.
4,500 square ft.
Fine Arts Theatre
$5.1 Million
Date Completed
Seating capacity is 340 in the Orchestra Level without pit seats, 382 with them, 405 in the Mezzanine Level. A total of 745 without the Orchestra pit seats or a grand total of 787 with all seats The stage is 50' wide x 36' deep and stands 4'2" above the house floor with a rear projection screen of 10'6" x 14'. There are 11 total line sets including: valance, main drape, 3 electrics, 8 general purpose, 3 legs, 2 boarders, mid-stage traveler, up-stage black, scrim and cyclorama. The Center included an Allen & Heath ML 3000 state of the art sound system. The system contained 11 components, amplifiers, outboard equipment and a hearing impaired system. House lighting has a center FOH in enclosed booth location with at ETC express 48/96 control. House lights are dimmable from the control booth and stage left. Lighting circuitry included: 32 circuits on FOH catwalk, 16 circuits on 1st electric, 12 circuits on 2nd electric, 16 circuits on 3rd electric, 4 circuits each on box booms and 12 circuits for the floor pockets. The Ceglarek Fine Arts Center gives you the feel of a large auditorium with the intimacy of a small house. The sight lines and acoustics are great no matter where you sit.