St. Joseph High School/ Science Wing Addition


2521 Stadium Dr. St. Joseph, MI
7,300 square feet of renovations 1,200 square feet of additions
Prime Contractor
Science Wing Addition
$1.4 Million
Date Completed
This project included renovations of the existing school building into science labs and an addition in the internal school courtyard for workroom support area for the science labs. Architectural renovations to this building included asbestos abatement, removal and relocation of several interior walls, ADA code-required modifications, complete flooring, ceiling, and window replacement and replacement of all fixtures and furnishings. The building was occupied during portions of the construction process and we maintained proper egress, safety barricades and noise controls, especially during exam weeks, to allow education to continue without major distractions. Because of the limited access to the site, all large construction equipment deliveries had to be lifted over the existing building and into the courtyard by crane. Staging was also especially important due to the limited space restrictions within the actual work site. Mechanical upgrades in the existing area included re-work to add specialized gas/acid waste piping to service the new science labs while tying the new addition to the existing system. This project required a large amount of specialized casework for the science stations including gas, air, and vacuum turrets.