City of Lansing-New Fleet Services Facility


3131 East Alden Sq. Lansing, MI
38,000 square ft. renovations 8,000 square ft. additions
General Contractor
Recycle Building
$5.6 Million
Date Completed
This project had 3 separately permitted buildings including 38,000 square feet of renovations and 8,000 square feet of new masonry construction to convert the existing Recycle Transfer Station into a new Fleet Services Facility. The new Recycle/Salt Storage Building is a fabric covered structure which was completed first to allow the owner to vacate the existing transfer station. The new Refuse Vehicle Cold Storage building is a pre-engineered metal building. The Fleet Services Facility consists of 18 auto/ambulance service bays, 15 fire truck/ heavy equipment service bays, a small engine/mower service area, a welding/fabrication area, a new and used oil/fluid station, tire storage, parts and office storage, an alignment rack an quick service bay, locker rooms, and a complete office area including conference room and training rooms. Architectural renovations to this building includes removal and relocation of several interior walls, complete flooring and ceiling replacements, roofing and building envelope repairs, window replacement, and replacement of all fixtures and furnishings. This project included a complete overhaul of all major mechanical and electrical systems. The new mechanical and electrical systems are operated by an energy management system including occupancy sensors, high efficiency motors, energy recovery units and high efficiency light fixtures. This was a major project that took place at the City of Lansing's operations and maintenance complex. Beckering Construction finished the successful project while maintaining security to the balance of the complex and stayed under a tight budget while addressing the changing needs of the fleet supervisors.